Caring and developing wellbeing is fundamental to everything we do.

Our Policy of Mutual Respect sets the high expectation of positive behaviour across our entire community. It encourages all students to participate in society as responsible individuals, and it includes effective responses to bullying and other inappropriate behaviour.

Each school section’s size and support network has been carefully designed around its students’ age and gender, with resources and specialist staff in place to provide a supportive journey for every student. Our teachers, counsellors and chaplains are always available to help each student meet challenges and reach his or her potential.

In addition to providing care for students, we encourage active collaboration with parents on issues ranging from cyber safety to respect for individual differences.

We believe wellbeing supports good thinking and learning. This is why we work to ensure our students feel valued and have a voice, so that they may flourish and enjoy school life to its fullest.

Policy of Mutual Respect (PDF)

Understanding Bullying guide for parents (PDF)

Code of conduct for staff and others who interact with students (PDF)

Child Safety Policy (PDF)

Policy for Individual Needs (PDF)

Procedures for Protection of Children (PDF)

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